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User conditions and disclaimer

1. Contents of Online Materials

The Institut européen • European Institute, hereafter referred to as the IE•IE, accepts no responsibility for the topicality, accuracy, completeness or quality of the collected information contained on its website. Liability claims against the IE•IE for any of the following reasons will be excluded as long as the IE•IE can reasonably demonstrate that they are not responsible for any faults.
  • Inclusion of offensive materials
  • The misuse of the collected information

All documents and materials are contributed voluntarily and with the consent of the individuals concerned. They are independent from the IE•IE. The IE•IE reserves the rights to change or delete items or parts of contributions received without prior notice.

2. References and Links

Direct and indirect references from foreign sites (hyperlinks) do not fall under the legal responsibility of the IE•IE. The IE•IE accepts no responsibility for the content of materials found in references or links. The IE•IE hereby declares that at the present moment and to the best of its knowledge the links and references available on our website contain no illegal materials. In its current and present form, the IE•IE has no influence on hyperlinks to other sites. Consequently the IE•IE hereby takes no responsibility for the contents of materials linked by hyperlink to our website or any changes that are made after the creation date of our hyperlink. These statements apply for external publications as well as IE•IE guest publications, discussion fora and mailing lists. All liability concerning factually inaccurate or incomplete contents lies with the original creator of the webpages to which the IE•IE is linked.

3. Author's Rights and Copyright

The IE•IE endeavours to observe and recognise the author's rights of all publications, graphics, audiovisual, and multimedia. It retains its own rights for texts, publications, graphics, audiovisual, and multimedia items created by the IE•IE. All third party companies and trademarks are unrestrictedly subject to the regulation of valid and registered recognition rights and property rights. Only through the explicit naming of registered trade marks are third parties not legally protected. The IE•IE retains the copyright over all of its items created by the IE•IE on its site, which are available to the public via the internet. The reproduction or use of any of the IE•IE's materials is forbidden without prior consent of the IE•IE.

4. Data Protection

To the best of our ability and to such an extent as is possible for a public access internet site, the IE•IE will respect data protection rights of individuals and companies who collaborate with the IE•IE (emails addresses, names, and addresses). Any such data, which is provided to the IE•IE is done so completely upon free will and with the prior consent of the individuals concerned. This includes anonymous publications and writers writing under a pseudonym. The use and supply of publicly available contact details and information such as addresses, email addresses, telephone or fax numbers which are supplied through third parties are not protected. The IE•IE reserves the rights to commence legal proceedings against the original senders of so called spam mails.

5. Enrolled Participants Responsibilities

5.1 User Name
Each participant enrolled in the IE•IE's programme will be allotted a user name (ILIAS-user name). This user name is valid for the duration of the IE•IE's academic course. The participants are forbidden from changing their user name without prior consent from the IE•IE (by email).
Any misuse or fraudulent use of a user identity is forbidden and will immediately lead to the blocking of the user's IE•IE account. The misuse of a user identity is defined as the unauthorized use of a user name by any person other than the enrolled student. This definition of misuse is also valid for the sharing or imitation of another participant on the IE•IE's programme or any person associated with the IE•IE through the use of another user name.

5.2 Password
Upon enrolment, each participant will be issued their own personal password. It is forbidden to disclose this password to anyone. Participants will be personally responsible for the secrecy of their password. They are also responsible for all damages and consequences of a deliberate breach of confidentiality concerning passwords. In case a participant forgets their password, they are requested to email the IE•IE. They must confirm their identity by giving their personal details (first name, surname and address).

5.3 Use of Course Materials
Each participant is authorised to make appropriate use of any materials on the IE•IE's ILIAS system in the context of their studies. The sharing of any materials contained on the IE•IE's ILIAS system with third parties is forbidden. This is in accordance with paragraph 3 "Author's rights and copyright" in the "User Conditions and Disclaimer".

6. Legal effect of this disclaimer

This disclaimer is to be considered as part of the contents of the IE•IE's online materials. If any individual or collective part or formulation of this text does not at all, or partially or completely correspond to what is legally required, the content and validity of the remaining parts of the document remain legally unaffected.
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